Phase One - Beef Jerky

Joe’s Jerky came to us for help in updating their packaging design. They wanted to highlight their brand and broaden their product offering. Through the recent purchasing of the company, they had access to the previous logo and branding. You can see our starting point below.

Initial Goals:

  • Update the design according to the existing Canadian regulations.
  • Create a design usable on a variety of smoked products (Jerky, Bacon & Sausages).
  • Acquire new distributors to improve sales.

As a start, we strategically updated the name to Joe’s Smokehouse. The new name adds flexibility while remaining faithful to its roots.

The updated logo resembles a high contrasting stamp (high impact). The roughly drawn houses and chimney are there to keep the homemade / smaller scale aspect of the operation in mind.

After revising the production recipes and ingredients, we updated the overall design according to the existing Canadian regulations. The nutrition facts and ingredients are now neatly organized on the back of the package to maximize the impact of the front panel. On the bottom right, we left an area without varnish for the printing of the production code.

On the front panel, the light wooden texture background adds texture and depth to the layout. It also creates a nice contrast between the labels and the products.

Each of the varieties are easily distinguishable with their dedicated colour scheme. Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free and Source of Protein are displayed prominently on the front of each package to maximize the reach to customers with special dietary needs.



Phase Two - Fully Cooked Smoked Sausages

As for the sausages, the labels were divided to fit properly on the black panel vacuum bags. The same style was kept to maintain consistency and brand recognition. The bright colours make the varieties easy to recognize.



We developed a concept that can be adapted for future products. The client was able to widen his distribution throughout more local stores. The beef jerky is available in multiple convenience stores. The sausages are sold in convenience stores and grocery stores (CO-OP/IGA).