Since the first paper board box was introduced in England back in 1817, a lot of technology changes and production methods has made the boxes of today. They are now one of the most commonly used form of product packaging. Hundreds of styles are available and they can be custom made for almost any application.

Product Presentation

Boxes offer excellent presentation surfaces. Their multiple surfaces (sides) allows flexibility during the design process. Your logo and product name can be on the main faces while barcodes and other information can be hidden on the bottom. If the sides are wide enough for the nutritional facts your bilingual box can have surfaces reserved for each languages. Separating languages can aerate the design and give the images more importance.

Print Quality

Companies often want to squeeze in as much information (text) as possible but shoppers only glance at your product for a few seconds. They don’t have time to read about every features. Quality images can be printed flawlessly on folding cartons and they are still the best way to deliver your message. Photography has the to power to create feelings and moods instantly.


Boxes in the food industry are of mostly used for their presentation qualities. They usually need the help of plastic bags to help with product preservation. (Cereals, Frozen Pizzas, Cake mixes, etc…) The extra coatings or wax on the boxes will protect it from humidity and water but they won’t necessarily increase your products shelf life.


Paper and cardboard in their traditional forms are easily recyclable. Some specialty boxes like milk cartons are impossible to recycle because of their wax coatings. Paper mills and print shops are now focusing on sustainable materials and earth friendly inks. Recycled boxes in craft cardboard (brown) are already starting to crowd the store shelves. What was perceived as “cheap” 40 years ago can now help your product’s visibility and position your brand as earth friendly.


Folding cartons are a sensible solution for small businesses wanting to showcase their products in a retail environment. New machinery with fast setup times has made it possible to buy relatively small volumes (2500). Sure – purchasing 100 000 boxes will get you great unit prices, but smaller businesses don’t always have the budget to sustain large inventories.

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