Barcode Orientation

January 30, 2019By adminBags, Pouches, Shrink Packaging

Materials with stretching or shrinking capabilities will often require the barcode to be printed side-ways on your packaging. Exposing the barcode to horizontal scaling can compromise scanning. Print suppliers will make you sign forms if you require your barcode to have a less than optimal orientation. This will put the responsibility on your shoulders if … Read More

Anatomy of a Stand-up Pouch

January 16, 2019By adminPackaging, Pouches

Stand-up pouches are versatile and offer great presentation surfaces. They hold dry, humid and even liquid products. Specific laminated layers can improve shelf-life and their resealable zippers can keep your products fresh longer after opening. Qualified suppliers will help you pick the right materials to protect and display your products. Got any questions? Click here … Read More