Barcode Sized at 100% (UPC-A)

January 23, 2019By adminPackaging

UPC-A barcodes are used on most retail products in North America. Most retailers will have suggested barcode sizes for products sold in their stores. Always adhere to those suggestions and make sure your barcodes are registered and scannable before distributing your products. Failure to do so can create a series of very expensive problems: Fines, … Read More

Anatomy of a Stand-up Pouch

January 16, 2019By adminPackaging, Pouches

Stand-up pouches are versatile and offer great presentation surfaces. They hold dry, humid and even liquid products. Specific laminated layers can improve shelf-life and their resealable zippers can keep your products fresh longer after opening. Qualified suppliers will help you pick the right materials to protect and display your products. Got any questions? Click here … Read More

Label Roll Specifications

January 9, 2019By adminLabels, Packaging

When ordering labels, always specify the inside diameter of your rolls. The maximum outside diameter should also be considered. Your labelling machine or manual work station will dictate these sizes. Got any questions? Click here to get in touch!

Label Wounding Orientation

January 2, 2019By adminLabels, Packaging

Always specify the winding direction when ordering custom labels. This is critical especially if you are using automated labellers. If you have different labels on the same roll; identify the correct sequence. (Example: Three labels need to be applied around a product – the order is important) Got any questions? Click here to get in … Read More

Folding Cartons (Chipboard Boxes)

January 9, 2018By adminBoxes, Packaging

Since the first paper board box was introduced in England back in 1817, a lot of technology changes and production methods has made the boxes of today. They are now one of the most commonly used form of product packaging. Hundreds of styles are available and they can be custom made for almost any application. … Read More

Label Roll Diameter & Orientation

January 2, 2018By adminLabels, Packaging

Label specifications are important. While your labels might be printed perfectly, you can’t use them if they don’t comply with your automated machinery. It’s impossible to change the orientation of the labels on the roll after they are printed and changing part of your machinery to use improperly oriented labels is costly and should be … Read More